"Everybody here is so near and dear to my heart": People in Monticello thankful for Second Harvest food

Second Harvest of the Big Bend was prepared to serve 1,000 people in Monticello Monday afternoon.
Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 04, 2023
  • Second Harvest of Big Bend served one thousand familes Monday afternoon.
  • Distribution handed out tarps, water and food to those who were impacted by Hurricane Idalia
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Labor Day weekend, also known as a 'day off' to relax for some, but this weekend is very different for people in the Big Bend.

I met one neighbor and others from out of town who took this holiday weekend to help Hurricane Idalia survivors get much needed help.

"Everybody here is so near dear to my heart"

Caroline Flynt is from Monticello. When she found out Second Harvest of the Big Bend was having a food distribution for hurricane relief in her community….

"…. had to get in on this one. Even though its Labor Day, its such a great cause."

Flynt told me Idalia hit her family and others in Monticello hard.

Now, she's working to help her community and put smiles on faces.

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Second Harvest of the Big Bend CEO Monique Ellsworth told me that they were prepared to serve 1,000 families Monday afternoon.

"We have protein, we have dried goods, fresh produce we have ice we have water and disaster kit boxes and a whole bunch of people waiting to be served."

People could have done anything else to spend their Labor Day weekend, but Ellsworth says she was blown away by the amount of volunteers.

"I think there is a lot of love in our community. So, when a neighbor is in need, it doesn't matter if you know them or not. We had so many folks sign up and call ahead to see if there was more room for them to come out and we really needed them today."

I talked with those who were picking up food from the distribution. Many told me that because of power outages, all their food has gone bad and hearing about Second Harvest handing out supplies and food was a blessing.

Susan Cox lives in Jefferson County. As of Monday afternoon, she did not have power like many in Monticello. She says seeing people give up their Labor Day to serve them and help them is heartwarming.

"It is such a blessing and it makes you hopeful for the future because of people helping."

Like many, serving people in Monticello and helping was not a chore at all, but for some like Flynt, helping to build back the community she is from was not a day wasted.

"When we're working together like this, all of us are in high spirits through the lord. Everyone leaves with a 'Lord bless you' today."

Second harvest tells me they were able to serve over 2,000 families across the Big Bend Monday. They're working to serve even more who are in need.