LCSO deputies find cocaine, stolen gun after traffic stop

LCSO deputies find cocaine, stolen gun after traffic stop
Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 07:31:33-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A traffic stop for an expired tag led deputies to find more than 35 grams of cocaine and stolen gun in a Tallahassee man's van.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office arrested Rafael Pascual on Tuesday for trafficking in cocaine, grand theft of a firearm, and several other charges related to driving without a valid license and drug possession. 

On Tuesday, a member of the LCSO SPIDER Unit was patrolling the Woodville area. While driving down Woodville Highway, the deputy wrote that he saw a white Chevrolet Van in front of him and ran the tag. 

According to the arrest report, the tag came back expired out of Alabama. 

The deputy pulled the car over and went to talk to the driver, 20-year-old Pascual. 

The deputy told him that he was being pulled over for expired tags and asked if Pascual had a valid license. In the report, the deputy noted that Pascual was shaking and "appeared extremely nervous."

Eventually Pascual told police that he didn't have any identification on him, the arrested report indicating that he later admitted that he didn't have a valid license at all.  

Deputies asked Pascual to get out the car and while getting collecting his information, deputies found that he was on probation for possession of cocaine and was out past his drug offender curfew. 

Pascual was placed under arrest and was searched. The report says that when deputies asked if Pascual had drugs, he told them "there is some cocaine in the van." 

Deputies found three baggies of what they believe was powdered cocaine, a stolen handgun, multiple empty plastic baggies, and a digital scale in a cardboard box behind the driver's seat.

According to the arrest report, the baggies weighed 35.5 grams altogether. The contents in the baggies tested positive for cocaine. 

Pascual is behind bars on a $42,000 bond.