Father of four to be deported after living in Ohio for 16 years

Father of four to be deported after living in Ohio for 16 years
Posted at 12:09 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 12:09:00-04

WILLARD, OH (WTOL) - A father of four spent his last night with his children Monday before he is deported to Mexico.

Jesus Lora Lopez has been living in Willard for 16 years. Lopez and his wife recently bought a new home for their family of six.

Lopez has no criminal record. 

However, in 2008, he was brought before immigration officials because he was driving without a license. He was found to be an illegal immigrant. Lopez since worked with ICE officials to obtain annual work permits that allowed him to stay in the country.

In March, immigration officials told Lopez he would have to buy a one-way ticket to Mexico and wear and ankle monitor until he left the country.

"He says that he doesn't know that the government just destroyed everything," said his son Eric Lara, translating for his father.

The Lara family says life without their patriarch is a big adjustment. His sons say they will miss him dearly. 

"It's really sad because I don't want him walking through those doors and me not seeing him for the rest of my life," said Jesus's son Anuar Lara.

The Lara family says they trust the Lord will protect them, but still they fear for what life will look life without Lopez's income. 

"Who is going to take care of us, because really my dad takes care of us," Anuar said.

Jesus's ankle bracelet was removed early Tuesday morning before flying out of Cleveland by 7 a.m.

Jesus says he would like to see less stories like this.

"He says to stop deporting people and to let the people stay with their families," Eric said.

Jesus, along with his friends and family, say they will continue to fight to get ICE to change their minds and give him a work permit to reunite him with his family.