2020 Election: Sheriff races in South Georgia

Posted at 8:30 AM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 12:53:06-05

(WTXL) — Candidates in several South Georgia counties are duking it out to become the county's next Sheriff.

Here's a break down of the candidates in our surrounding counties.


Incumbent R. Carlton Powell (D) will go head-to-head against Joey Blackman (R) on Nov. 3.

Powell has held the office since 1977.


Georgia State Patrol trooper John William Kirkus (R) will vie against incumbent Wiley Griffin (D) and Decatur County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant/Investigator Chip Nix (IND) to lead the sheriff's office.

Griffin has served as sheriff in Decatur County since 1999.


School resource officer Donald "Dickie" Thomas (D) will take on Republican incumbent Harris Young on Nov. 3 to become the county's next Sheriff.
Young is seeking re-election after being elected as sheriff in 2005.


Richard 'Ric' Morgan (R) and incumbent Scott Worsely (D) were set to square off on Nov. 3.

However, Worsely died on October 26, 2020. According to Georgia code, a candidate on the ballot who withdrawals or dies before election day will have his/her votes canceled, which means the winner goes to the candidate with the next highest votes.

Morgan was the only other candidate on the ballot, so he automatically wins the Sheriff race.

Worsely, was seeking re-election after taking office in 2017.


Incumbent Charles Nick Norton (D) will go head-to-head against Kenton Moore, Jr. (R) on Nov. 3.

Norton is seeking re-election after serving as sheriff since 2005.