Diverse Sessions at the American Meteorological Society Conference

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Posted at 8:31 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 15:14:50-05

SEATTLE, Wa. (WTXL) - Day three of the American Meteorological Society Conference has ended, and Forecaster Melanie Steinberg has all the details.

The conference featured diverse sessions covering a wide array of topics. Forecaster Melanie Steinberg attended three of the many sessions with topics ranging from space weather to polar meteorology to hydrology to coastal climate.

The first session she attended was called, "Sea Ice Variability and Change."

Presenters went over the importance of ice thickness and how it's decreasing over time. They also went over how the ice in the arctic is changing in the fall and how each freezing is occurring later and later.

Due to this, there are more waves in the arctic because there is more open water than usual. This phenomena creates "pancake ice."

It was originally not very common in the arctic but now that there are more waves due to the ice freezing later in the year it is expected to become more of a common occurrence.

The second session was a "Women in Science Luncheon", where a presentation was given about the hardships women have to face in the meteorology world, private sector, public, broadcasting etc.

There they talked about women's experiences in the work place and how woman can work together to over come that.

The last session was about tropical cyclones. They discussed history, how technology has come such a long way, and how the aircrafts have continued to improve.

Forecaster Melanie Steinberg will be bringing updates from the conference all week. Follow her Twitter @msteinbergwx. She'll also be bringing updates to WTXL's Facebook page

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