City of Tallahassee helping people get to vaccination sites

City of Tallahassee focused on transportation
Posted at 7:08 PM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 19:08:38-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The City of Tallahassee is now looking ahead to getting the COVID-19 vaccine out into the community as efficiently as possible.

It's all hands on deck for the governmental agencies in Leon County to get everyone vaccinated. The City of Tallahassee is working on how it will get more people to those sites when they open.

"We are looking forward to this pandemic being over so that we can get back to a new normal," said Tallahassee City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

Health experts say the only way that happens is through vaccinations.

"I think that once people see their neighbors, doctors, grocery store workers, everyone getting their own vaccine and they're fine, I think more people will come around," said Dr. Paul Spearman.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are currently being distributed throughout the country, with hundreds of other companies worldwide also continuing to work on a vaccine.

Doctors say at this rate, vaccinations for the general public could come sooner than expected.

"We're certainly hopeful some things will be back to normal in the summertime. That's what I'm hoping for," said Dr. Spearman.

In anticipation, the City of Tallahassee is preparing to streamline the process. While distribution is a county and health department issue, the city is making sure people get to the vaccination sites.

"We've got the city manager and staff coming up with suggestions as to how we can communicate to the citizens of Tallahassee what services are out there, how they can vaccinated, vaccination sites. we're doing that on all of our mediums," said Commissioner Richardson.

City leaders are also working to provide buses to and from those sites.

"We got a tremendous response from the community when we provided transportation from StarMetro and we're hoping we get the same with the vaccine," said Commissioner Richardson.

The Tallahassee Fire Department also has a partnership with the health department to provide some drive-thru vaccination sites and Commissioners hope to expand that partnership in the coming months.

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