NEW VIDEO: Debris removal trucks get to work in Lowndes County

Residents should move debris to the right-of-way.
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Posted at 1:35 PM, Sep 07, 2023
  • Debris removal trucks are in Lowndes County.
  • County officials shared an update on the progress on Facebook Thursday.
  • Watch the video to see how the process works.


The debris removal trucks are here in Lowndes County, Ga. and working!

For the residents in the unincorporated area of Lowndes County, debris removal contracts have been activated and work has begun. Residents should move debris to the right-of-way. The right-of-way will be cleared as quickly as possible. Do not place household garbage, bags, construction and demolition debris, or anything else that is not from a tree with yard debris. There are no length requirements on trees for the unincorporated area of Lowndes County.

There is a massive amount of debris, and it is going to take a long time to get around to everywhere. They will also likely have to make several passes through each area to collect everything, bear with our teams, and don’t feel like you missed out if they come by and you still have stuff that needs to get to the road.