NEW MEDICAL SERVICES FOR YOU: North Florida Rural Health Corp has grand opening in Chattahoochee

County leaders partnered with healthcare providers to bring more accessible resources to all.
Posted at 5:06 PM, Aug 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-16 10:27:15-04

  • The new healthcare facility located in Chattahoochee will be open starting Saturday, August 19th.
  • Watch the ribbon cutting for new facility ahead of its opening Tuesday in the video above.
  • Medical services offered ranges from Dental, Teleheath and Behavioral Health.

Gadsden County is ranked one of the least healthy counties in the state of Florida.

County leaders partnered with healthcare providers to bring more accessible resources to all.

"Some people would have to leave the county to another county in order to get care. That is unacceptable in Florida" Dr. Traci Thompson said.

This building was vacant for three years before the North Florida Rural Health Corp came to open its doors.

According to Gadsden County leaders, they believe quote "health is wealth." They wanted to bring premiere health care providers to meet the needs of those in the county.

According to CountyHealthRankings.org, Gadsden County is ranked 64 out of 67 counties in terms of health outcomes and 63 out of 67 in health factors.

These services will be provided to the under served and uninsured community in the county.

In a report from NFRH, in the years 2017-2021 only 14.5% of people in Gadsden County were uninsured while 85.5% were insured when it comes to medical insurance.

Dr. Traci Thompson of North Florida Rural Health Corp says this facility was needed to ensure everyone is taken care of with good hands.

"When you see different areas in Florida its unimaginable. So, it is something that we're coming together, healthcare professionals coming together, but we can't do it alone" Dr. Thompson said.

The facility is to offset the costs of medical services. In a report from NFRH in 2019 21.8% of adults in Gadsden County could not see a doctor at least once in one year due to cost.

Commissioner Brenda Holt says she is glad, as a Gadsden County resident, to see more healthcare options for those in need.

"We can go no where but up. We are going to get good healthcare in this county, and this is a start" Holt said.

Patients will be able to receive medical services ranging from Dental, Telehealth and

Behavioral Health. The facility is expected to be up and running starting Saturday August 19th.