Neighbors shaken up after severe weather leaves damage Tallahassee to Wakulla Co.

Trees fell on homes and cars Thursday night
Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 08, 2023
  • Hurricane Idalia might be gone, but severe weather is still bringing damage to the Big Bend.
  • Thursday night strong, winds left homes in Wakulla County damaged.
  • Hear the emotional interview with one woman who survived the storm in the video above.


"I thought I was ok but talking about it is so traumatic" Says Tharp

The storm brought damage between here and Tallahassee.

Powerful winds sent trees crashing down on Savannah Thraps house Thursday.

"It was definitely not expecting this just from the way the storm was." Says Tharp

The trees also landed on her car! The sound of the trees coming down still affects her a day later.

"Even afterwards loud noises still scare me" Says Tharp

You can trace the damage north into Tallahassee.

"It was just like when and trees were blowing, and we needed to be moved inside." Says Sorrenti

Atcherton Sorrenti lives in Tallahassee where the storm brought more powerful wind.

"We were in the bathroom and I could just hear stuff on the roof and then rolling off the roof" Says Sorrenti

This timelapse shows the storm blowing through Midtown Thursday evening.

Sorrenti says her neighbor called during the storm and told her to look outside.

"So I looked out the window, and then this tree behind me was down and it was onto the road and it had split in half in multiple places." Says Sorrenti

Having dodged a hurricane and lived through unrelated severe weather, these families are sending out this warning.

"Please be very cautious when there's a thunderstorm warning just be cautious and if anything literally anything seems off to you the way the wind sound if it just looks weird outside just please be careful and get the safety for your family" Says Tharp

Power crews are still working to restore power in parts of this area.