Local school thanks linemen as 90% of power is restored in Madison, Jefferson & Taylor Counties

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 07, 2023
  • Tri-County Electric Cooperative has restored 90% of power in Madison, Taylor and Jefferson Counties as of Thursday morning.
  • Students at Madison Creative Arts Academy wrote thank you notes to first responders and linemen.
  • TCEC expects all power to be restored in their service area by Friday.
  • As of Thursday evening, only 1037 customers are without power


Electric crews in Madison County are aiming to restore all power by Friday. People impacted by Hurricane Idalia in this community are grateful for all of their hard work.

"Me and mommy went to a motel room and mommy did not think we would have a home," Conrad said. "But it's still standing."

5-year-old Bryson Conrad evacuated Madison with his mother ahead of Idalia.

He said they were happy to return to their home, but were without power for a few days.

"We didn't have no power but now we do," Conrad said.

Power came back to Conrad's home thanks to linemen working with Tri-County Electric Cooperative.

That is why all classes at Madison Creative Arts Academy wrote thank you notes to linemen and first responders on their first day back since the storm.

Executive Director Janna Barrs said it was important for the children to remember what they are thankful for.

"We will spend these two days assessing unique needs in our community and also spending some time on mental health lessons, as well as spending time sharing the things we have to be thankful for," Barrs said.

People doing the work to get the power back up: linemen like Matthew Perry.

1,600 workers like him came to help.

He traveled from South Florida to help crews in Madison.

"We know what it's like to go through, from the employees working here, working their butts off to try and figure things out and get people in the right spot and keep everyone safe and moving in a forward progress," Perry said.

Community relations director Kaitlynn Culpepper said they are blessed to have help from workers like Perry.

"The beauty of the cooperative model is these mutual aid crews that we have are also in electric cooperatives so they think and feel the same way about our members as they do about their members in Arkansas," Culpepper said.

Conrad said he is thankful for the people who helped his home get power.

"Thumbs up," Conrad said.

Crews like Perry's have restored 90% of power in Madison, Jefferson and Taylor Counties.