"It was just shocking” - Idalia sends tree crashing into Live Oak home; how the people inside survived

Days after the storm, the trauma of the experience was still tough
Posted at 11:35 PM, Sep 03, 2023
  • Trees landed on and inside this Suwannee County homeowner's home due to the impact of Idalia.
  • Davis is still without power days after the storm.
  • Hear the emotional story of survival in the video above.


Days after Idalia hit Suwannee County, it left many homes in chaos.

“We were sitting here on this couch, my husband, the dog in the middle and I, as it came crashing through. We were shocked it was just shocking.”

I'm Terry Gilliam in live oak, where people say it's a long road to recovery.

“We were just shocked. We were talking and it just landed right in front of us, it was like something out of a horror movie.”

That’s Marlene Davis. She survived hurricane Idalia in this home. She has been living here in live oak since 1995.

Davis has been without power since Idalia roared through live oak. Wednesday. She’s also been living with trees that crashed through her roof!

“You could hear when it hit the ground. It was like thunder was hitting the ground, and that was scary.”

The damage from Idalia has left Davis devastated.

“I feel like… I lost my whole home.”

“Were you in fear for your life?”

“I was very much in fear for my life. Sorry… I think I still have PTSD from it, it was really scary… sorry.”

Days after the storm, the trauma of the experience was still tough for her. Despite the damage…Suwannee County has opened up comfort stations where people can get food, water, and other essential items. The sheriff’s office says locations include Wellborn, McAlpin, and Dowling Park.

As for Davis, she’s still trying to process what happened.

“We knew we were trapped and couldn’t get out, so we were praying for god to keep us alive.”

Davis believes the mobile home is now unlivable and is still trying to find ways for a better living situation, in live oak, Terry Gilliam, ABC27.