INSIDE LOOK: Capital Region Real-Time Crime Center open as gun crimes climb in Tallahassee

The center is located at FSU’s Sliger Building in Innovation Park
Posted at 6:31 PM, Sep 15, 2023
  • Friday we got the first look inside the Real Time Crime Center that's been open since February.
  • The center has state of the art equipment to better track crime.
  • Watch attached video for a closer look on how the center will help


"I live on the south side of town, that's where a lot of the crime has occurred, I've had shootings within a mile of where I live."

That's city commissioner, Curtis Richardson. Even he's experienced crime occurring in his neighborhood.

Richardson says he's glad that the real-time crime center exists and believes it's necessary for Tallahassee.

"This is a tremendous and huge step in the right direction, and we will be a leader in this area."

Friday, we got a first time look inside the capital region real time crime center.

The center started with a partnership with several law enforcement agencies in Leon County and is designed to track crime trends.

The center has been open for months and now we are getting a first-time look which includes state-of-the-art software and surveillance cameras to prevent future crime from happening.

Are you confident that the real-life crime center can prevent homicides that are happening in Tallahassee?

Well, it can't control human behavior through technology, but what you can do is again through collaboration look at those communities where it's coming from and look at the circumstances in the communities.

That's Leon County sheriff, Walter McNeil. He says that cutting-edge technology gives citizens better law enforcement.

"They get a better informed and a better educated, and more effective law enforcement organization."

It's something that leaves other county officials satisfied.

"This partnership is just phenomenal."

In addition to the work being done here…

Tallahassee commissioners recently voted to pass a tentative property tax increase.

On cam split screen:

That change could send more money to Tallahassee's police department for crime prevention.

There will be one more public hearing before commissioners vote to officially pass the increase or vote it down. The meeting will be on September 27th.