"I'm so anxious I can't wait" New restaurant set to open at Quincy square

After participating in the farmers market many times, the community enjoyed Jennifer's recipes
Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 11, 2023
  • Bantam Bay plans on opening its door in a couple weeks
  • Most of their ingredients are locally grown and made in Quincy
  • Watch the video above to hear Jennifer's story


From selling her fresh food at the market to making her dream come true and opening a restaurant

"I'm so anxious, I just can't wait."

I'm Ashley Engle in Quincy. Bantam Bay is a restaurant like no other. I spoke with the owner, and she tells me it's been her dream, for a long time.

"When we moved here, a small-town feel, I thought 'why not give it a shot.'"

This is Jennifer. Her and her husband Joe moved to Quincy 2 years ago from the Tampa Bay area. She started out selling her food products at the Quincy Main Street Farmers Market.

"I make homemade pastas, infused pasta, made some bagels and then went to the market and sold out."

After participating in the farmers market many times, the community enjoyed Jennifer's recipes. One of those people was her friend Crystle May. Because of Jennifer's success Crystle knew Jennifer could go bigger.

"I knew this woman had experience in cooking and baking and we needed a new restaurant on the square and I just knew she would be a good fit."

"She said, 'maybe you should open up your own place.' She was the one that gt the ball rolling and it was like a snow ball and now here we are.

Crystle introduced the LaCognata's to Tee and Wilson Hinson. The owners of Hinson Oil Company.

The Hinson's had a lot of Quincy memorabilia that they wanted to display.

Sure enough, a partnership was born. Everything you see in the restaurant ranging from signs, antique gas pumps and pictures are from the Hinson's.

May tells me that having this spot on the square is good for the town as it will bring people to the farmers market but to downtown also.

"We are so excited to have another restaurant coming to the square that has delicious food and we can also walk in for breakfast, she's got tables and chairs."

Jennifer tells me that all of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for people coming out to the farmers market and supporting not only her dream, but others in the community.

People have been so supportive and encouraging to us and I can't wait to do this for everybody and bring the community together.

Jennifer tells me that most of the products that they use ranging from honey to vegetables will come locally and they are expected to open their doors in the next couple weeks. In Quincy, I'm Ashley Engle, ABC 27