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How to make your showers more relaxing

How to make your showers more relaxing
Posted at 4:20 PM, Oct 06, 2022

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Surveys has shownthat most Americans shower once a day. But showering isn’t just a way for you to wash away the day’s dirt and grime, it can actually be a beneficial form of self-care.

Experts say that showering can promote better sleep and reduce stress. This is because hot water may activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of helping us to relax and calm our bodies after periods of stress or tension.

In other words, showers can be a vital part of having positive mental health. But how can you level up your showers and ensure that you make the most of these precious moments of privacy and tranquility? Here are some of our favorite tools, from the best shower steamers to facial cleansers, that will help turn even the quickest shower into a spa-like escape.

Invest In The Best Shower Steamer


Steaming is wonderful for your skin. Steam can increase the appearance of collagen in your skin, making it look fuller, younger and plumper. But you don’t want to waste a lot of hot water trying to steam up your bathroom. Instead, reach for a shower steamer that will quickly fill your shower with youth-inducing steam (it will also help clean out your sinuses!).

Check out our picks for the best shower steamers on the market. Whether you want to splurge or go for something more affordable, you’re sure to find a shower steamer that will meet your needs. If you are struggling with sinus issues or allergies, we recommend the Vicks VapoShower Plus with non-medicated tablets that release healing eucalyptus and menthol to help open up your airways. You can find a 12-pack of them on Amazon for less than $30.

Get a Good Scrubber


A bath and body scrubber can help you get squeaky clean, but it can also promote healthy circulation and get your blood flowing. This soft silione scubber can be used on your scalp to lather up your shampoo, all while giving you a relaxing head massage. You can also use it on your body to loosen up fascia and release any areas of tension. Find this silicone 3-in-1 body scrubber on Amazon for $6.

Upgrade Your Showerhead


Bathroom lights aren’t always the most relaxing. They tend to be fluorescent or extremely bright, which is good for precision grooming, but not when you want to detach and escape into a water wonderland. That’s why we love a good LED showerhead. With filtration stones that purify your water and remove extra chlorine, this one sold at Amazon features color-changing lights that will make your water look like it’s going from blue to green to red. This light-up showerhead is compatible with most showers and ranges from $21 to $33 on Amazon.

Decorate With Plants

Etsy, LuxuryLavender

Eucalyptus is known for its ability to reduce symptoms of allergies, colds and asthma. It can also help to promote relaxation. Hanging a bunch of fresh eucalyptus in your shower will create a beautiful, relaxing scent and help you ease stress and breathe deeply. Plus, they look great!

Find beautiful bunches of fresh-cut eucalyptus on Etsy, then hang them on your shower head or in the corner of your shower. Seller LuxuryLavender offers bundles of fresh eucalyptus for your shower for $9 and up.

Use a Facial Cleanser


While Clarisonic face brushes used to reign supreme when it came to face-washing devices, Foreo is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. With T-Sonic pulsations and extra-soft touchpoints engineered to gently remove impurities and cleanse your skin, your shower will become extra refreshing and rejuvenating with this gadget (which can fit into your gym bag). Find the Foreo Luna Mini 3 on Sephorafor $179.

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