Hay there! Take part in the 4H Haybale decorating contest.

Posted at 6:41 PM, Oct 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-03 18:42:01-04
  • The fall Hay-bale decorating contest is back!
  • 21 groups are participating this year
  • See the video above to see why this tradition is making a difference in the county.

It's the third year 4H has been doing the contest. How it works? Businesses and people around Wakulla County enter the contest and decorate a hay-bale to be displayed outside their buildings.
This is a fun activity that brings the community together. It's also helping bring attention to 4H programs.

The organization helps kids learn skills and gives back to the community.

"4H can offer scholarships including different schools. They can help you with books and stuff, but 4H also teaches the life skills, teaches you how to cook hence the cooking club, and it teaches you morals and everything that you need for to be an adult"

Vanessa Elderkin is the 4H state ambassador and she says 4H helps her and her peers get opportunities for their future.

"and I think 4H helps them learn how to become a good adult"

She tells me seeing the community participating in the hay-bale contest makes her happy.

"It shows me that community actually cares and how good is doing"

Sherry Dudley has been working at Blue Water Realty Group since 2008. She likes participating in the contest.

"Doing doing these type of events and participating just shows that we're committed to that that we want to be involved in and these type of things"

21 different groups are participating in the contest this year.

Rachel Pienta is the 4H program coordinator, she told me how the winner will be chosen.

"Everybody else who participated has two chances to win we do a crowd favor judging, and that is liking your favorite photo on Facebook and then we also send around a crew of volunteer judges, and they take the hay-bale decorating rules, and then they score based on criteria, so there's two chances to win ribbons to chances to be recognized in meaning twice the fun"

Don't forget to stop by all the haybales Wakulla and vote.

"I feel like to meet at shows like how creative people can be in the community."

The winner of the contest will be announced on October 14th at the Outdoor Living Wakulla Expo event at Hudson Park. In crawfordville im your neighborhood reporter Kenzie Krueger with ABC27.