"God bless everybody" - Taylor County neighbors in need grateful for support after Hurricane Idalia

Convoy of Hope one of many groups helping
Posted at 9:32 AM, Sep 03, 2023
  • Volunteers are traveling to Taylor County to help neighbors recover from Hurricane Idalia.
  • Convoy of Hope is actively serving the community.
  • Watch the video to hear from people in need.


Taylor County is one of the places that saw Idalia’s impact the most.

“I got trees on my house and everything. I don’t have electricity; I need a generator and I haven’t got one.”

With many people in the neighborhood working toward recovery, one organization is helping them with that process.


“It’s rough. I mean, it’s a bad time of year I guess.”

That was John Armstrong. He is one of the hurricane survivors who came to the Convoy of Hope distribution event Saturday.

Convoy of Hope is a non-profit religious, organization that distributed goods to people impacted by Idalia in Taylor County.

Saturday, the organization passed out goods that included ready to go meals, water, tarps and baby kits.

It’s something Armstrong says is a good gesture.

“I appreciate the help, and God bless everybody.”

Convoy of Hope senior director, Eric Gordan told me he knows people like Armstrong need help, but the most important thing they need doesn’t come in package form.

“They’ve not been forgotten, the water is great, the food is great, the cleaning supplies that are coming are going to be essential, but just the fact they’re not forgotten in a season like this.”

“I think they’re strong, I think they’re going to make it. This community is going to rebuild stronger than they were before.”

Rebuilding is something Perry native, Tremont Sellers says is possible. He tells me what the community needs to do to make that happen.

“We got to be here for each other because we’re all we got.”

The Convoy of Hope organization will continue their distribution on Monday. They plan to start delivering goods to those who are unable to travel.