FEMA application rejected?

"No" may not be FEMA's final answer.
Posted at 3:40 PM, Sep 09, 2023
  • If you receive a letter from FEMA and you disagree with FEMA’s decision about your eligibility, you can appeal the decision.
  • FEMA might need more information to continue processing your application.
  • Appeals must be submitted within 60 days of the date on your eligibility letter.

Hurricane Recovery can be exhausting, and hurricane survivors are probably not thrilled to be filling out paperwork, but it's a necessary step for those who need funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to get back to a state of normal.
For those who consider paperwork a tedious task, getting a determination letter from FEMA saying you aren't eligible for assistance can hit nearly as hard as the storm itself on an emotional level. But FEMA is letting Hurricane Idalia survivors know the rejection may only be temporary. You can appeal, but you need to act relatively quickly.

FEMA says you may submit a signed letter explaining why you disagree with FEMA’s decision. Your response should provide additional information or documents supporting your appeal. The appeal must be submitted within 60 days of the date on the eligibility letter.

It should include the following:

▪ Applicant’s full name, pre-disaster primary address, current address and current phone number

▪ Applicant’s 9-digit FEMA application number, found at the top of the determination letter (on every page)

▪ FEMA disaster declaration number DR 4734 (on every page)

▪ Applicant’s signature and the date

▪ Additional documentation to support your appeal (verifiable contractor’s estimate, insurance paperwork, any additional documents FEMA requested in the eligibility letter)

You could have a third party submit an appeal letter on your behalf. In that case, the letter must be signed by that person. You should also include a statement signed by you, authorizing the third party to appeal on your behalf.

FEMA doesn't appear to let you send your appeal by email. You can however use the Postal Service, send a fax, or uploaded documents to your FEMA account online.

The address for mailing is:
FEMA, P. O. Box 10055, Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055.

To upload information, go to DisasterAssistance.gov, Click “Check Status” on the home page and follow the instructions.

Finally, you may fax your appeal to 800-827-8112, Attn: FEMA.

If you have any questions about the appeals process or need assistance you can call the FEMA Helpline at 800-6213362.