DID YOU SEE IT? Four astronauts splash down off coast of Florida

Capsule could be seen streaking over North Florida early Monday
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Posted at 6:48 AM, Sep 04, 2023

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CNN) — Four crew members who undocked from the International Space Station on Sunday are back on Earth.

They splashed down off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida shortly after midnight. The capsule was traveling more than 17,000 mph and used parachutes to slow its descent.

Inside, two NASA astronauts, an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates and a Russian cosmonaut were protected by a heat shield.

They had been aboard the space station since March. During their stay, they were slated to oversee more than 200 science and tech projects.

Over the last week, the crew handed over operations to the next team, who arrived at the space station on August 27th.