Totally Tallahassee and Beyond: Have some fun at Tomahawks 51

Posted at 8:50 PM, May 11, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Got an axe to grind?

Want to relieve some stress, blow off steam, and have fun?

Check out Tomahawks 51.

Everyone can hit a Bull's Eye.

"You don't have to do too much to throw it - you don't have to Hulk smash it to the board. Just a nice toss and you just have to learn that rotation essentially," Devin Humphries said.

As Axe Master and Chaos Coordinator, Humphries has been swinging axes and knives at Tomahawks 51 since it opened three years ago.

The first of its kind in the area, a place where anyone over the age of 13 can learn to throw like a pro.

"They come in here and they're like - I found my hidden niche. I know that this is my thing and I'm really good at it. It's one of those things where it's awesome to see people light up. They're like I got this - I'm really good at axe throwing and I can hit that bulls eye no problem," Humphries said.

And have no fear; whether you hit the target or not.

"Yes, there are sharp objects but we teach you how to do it safely," Erika Tetsworth, Owner Tomahawks 51 said.

Mad about that parking ticket?

Maybe a family member getting on your nerves?

There's a new attraction for that too.

It's not just about hitting a bull's eye. You can also get some major stress relief in their brand new rage room; and it is way cheaper than therapy.

So whether you throw or rage, you're stepping into a judge free zone.

"It's all inclusive. The kids when they come in they are so excited once they get it to stick to the board and the woman - it's one of those things like - Hey I can keep up with hubby tonight. I can kick his butt in tick-tack-toe," Humphries said.

So don't bury the hatchet.

Throw it because for a great night of fun and AXE-itment, you can't miss at Tomahawks 51.