Furrin Auto: an almost 50 year stable on Tennessee Street

Posted at 8:03 AM, Nov 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-08 08:49:37-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A Tallahassee man got a unique look into the evolution of the car industry from his garage.

"I had a motorcycle and no money, and then I had to learn to fix it," Owner of Furrin Auto Tom Carella said. "When I got old enough, I had a car and no money and had to learn to fix that."

Carella was in high school when he got his start as a mechanic.

Through tough realities, he said he developed a passion for fixing what’s been broken.

"It’s a great feeling that when you’re done with it that it works right," Carella said.

Carella grew up in Miami but had friends who attended Florida State University.

After years of visiting them, he decided to go into the mechanic business in Tallahassee because he says this community felt like home.

"In the winter of 1972, things developed. A guy over on south Monroe street with the name of Ray Gordon had an extra little bay in his shop and was like I’ll rent it to you," Carella said.

Not long after, they were able to buy the store they’re in today.

Carella said he’s been able to witness the evolution of the car industry right from his garage.

"It’s all computerized now," Carella said."You don’t have to do a bunch of tests, you can just go to the one issue it’s having and fix it."

Looking back at almost 50 years, he said he is reminded of the memories he’s made and people he’s met, events that would not have happened without deciding to call the Capital City home at 23.

"I'm proud of Tallahassee," Carella said.