Tallahassee honors military veterans, celebrates Veterans Day with parade

Parade on Monroe Street on Friday
Posted at 11:34 PM, Nov 11, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — "To see the young people in the different units with the bands and the ROTC units, it's kind of nice to see that we have another generation coming along," Jerry Edwards, a Navy veteran said.

City streets filled with fun and cheer to honor those who served our country.

Among them, 65-year-old Navy veteran, Jerry Edwards who served in the United States Navy for 23 years, has been attending this parade since 1998.

He says since then, he has seen more young people joining to serve their country.

"Service is necessary and we've benefit from that we meet peacefully attending a parade and it's kind of a one purpose," Edwards said.

Friday, the city was filled with fun and cheer to honor those who served our country.

The Veterans Day parade took place on Monroe Street bringing together family and friends to celebrate Veterans Day.

Sarah, who attends the Veterans Day parade every year, describes this event is not only as a chance to honor veterans, but it brings the people of Tallahassee together.

"The smile on the veterans faces when they say little kids waving at them it was so sweet. It was so awesome and it does bring the community together. You feel more of a small town," Mekeel said.

Sarah says she's been coming to the parade for many years with her father, but since her dad couldn't attend this year, she decided to bring her friend.

"I love coming to all the parades that Tallahassee has like she says this one is the more heart warming just because all the service they have provide to the United States and it's just nice to see them loved and cared for," Michelle Fonseca an attendee of the parade said.

Over the years the city of Tallahassee has been celebrating veterans on Veterans Day, but for many who attended Friday's parade this event not only meant honoring those who served but bringing a sense of community to the city of Tallahassee.