Shots Ring Out in Normally Quiet Tallahassee Neighborhood

plantation at pine lake
Posted at 10:14 PM, May 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-03 11:58:14-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- A Tallahassee neighborhood is on edge Wednesday following an early afternoon shooting.

Around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon officers with the Tallahassee Police Department responded to the Plantation at Pine Lakes Apartment Homes off of Halstead Boulevard, where a man was reported lying in the community's parking lot suffering from a gun shot wound. 

"The initial investigation by forensic and criminal investigation has led us to believe that there was an altercation that took place near the mailboxes between two men at some point one of the males was shot," said Officer David Northway with the Tallahassee Police Department. 

Despite the shooting, most residents describe the neighborhood as fairly safe on a regular basis. 

Mary Leffler said, "I've always enjoyed living here and I always will. I feel it's very safe. I enjoy my neighbors we enjoy each other and I've always felt like this was a community where I didn't have to worry." 

A community meeting is being arranged for later this week to help reassure resident's of the complex's safety and to keep them up to date with new developments.

According to residents, the shooter lived in the complex with his girlfriend and is described as being kind but he often kept to himself. WTXL also spoke to the neighbor of the victim who says he was nice and would always speak to her in passing. She said it is very unfortunate that something like this would happen to him
Police have not released the names of the shooter or victim yet. However, the suspect was taken to the station for questioning.