Leon County Schools, LCSO urge change to prevent further guns on school grounds

Posted at 7:16 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 19:16:12-04

Three guns have been confiscated and now three Leon County students now facing possible expulsion. Law enforcement is now urging change in order to keep guns out of students hands and it starts outside of school.

Leon County schools as well as the Sheriff's office have safety plans in place but believes the issues won't stop unless outside help is given.

"Our staff will move for expulsion immediately once a student is found in possession of a gun," said Jimmy Williams, the Chief of Safety and Security with Leon County Schools.

Since the start of this school year, School Resource Deputies have recovered three firearms on school grounds. Williams said these students will not be allowed to return to campus.

Bobby Green is the Captain of Youth and Young Adult Services. He said most guns brought to school are either taken from home or stolen from other people off the streets.

Although Green is confident in his SRD's, the issue won't stop unless more is done. "Until we resolve the problems that's outside in our community, I think we'll never resolve the problem of kids bringing these guns to school," said Green.

Green believes the solution is looking for help outside of school. "It's more than just the Sheriff's Office. We take so much of the responsibility all the time but, when it all boils down to it, it boils down to every citizen, all the parents, the school board, the city the county, all these entities to come together and come up with a resolution to try to combat it," said Green.

At the budget meeting in July, the City of Tallahassee approved to set aside $1 million to address gun violence in the community.

Mayor John Dailey says they've been in touch with community leaders to see what this will look like. "Staff is currently combing through all that data and working with all the local groups to see what is the best way forward," said Dailey.

City leaders plan to discuss the agenda item at the next city commission meeting scheduled for next Wednesday.