"Korbin's Village": A Journey of Unity, Hope, and Triumph

Sadie the service dog will be coming home!
Posted at 3:00 PM, Aug 24, 2023
Korbin and Sadie

In the heart of our community lies a story that has captured the essence of unity and unwavering support. "Korbin's Village," a digital haven of hope, was born from the Ashling family's determination to navigate the challenges of raising their young son, Korbin, who bravely faces the complexities of autism.

From humble beginnings, this virtual village quickly transformed into a thriving online community, where individuals from all walks of life joined in to provide encouragement. With each passing day, this digital space became a canvas on which the Ashling family could paint their journey of triumph over adversity.

Through countless doctor's visits, emotional setbacks, and everyday challenges, Kelly and her family found strength in this virtual embrace.

The journey wasn't one they had envisioned, but it was a journey they faced together, armed with the love of their digital neighbors they met their goal.

As the community eagerly awaits the date - September 28th - when Sadie will become an integral part of the Ashling family, "Korbin's Village" stands as a testament to the boundless power of empathy, compassion, and unity.