See how leaders are enhancing safety measures at Gene Cox Stadium for future games

Pack Your Patience, Not Your Backpacks
Posted at 5:37 PM, Aug 23, 2023

  • Leon County School officials are now implementing new safety measures after a fight during a football game
  • District says they will not allow backpacks at high school football games
  • Hear how a Tallahassee pastor feels about the video


Gene Cox Stadium Sends Clear Message: "Pack Your Patience, Not Your Backpacks"

In a resolute response to recent events, Gene Cox Stadium is taking a proactive stance on safety and security, amplifying its commitment to ensuring a secure environment for all attendees. The message radiating from the stadium echoes the sentiment of "zero tolerance" as it extends to parents, faculty, and staff, firmly declaring its dedication to safeguarding the integrity of upcoming games.

The district's focus on safety measures during this football season is evident, with a vow to thoroughly address any vulnerabilities. Chief Jimmy Williams expressed confidence in their preparedness for the next game, outlining a comprehensive strategy to avoid any recurrence of the recent altercation.

Notably, it's essential to clarify that no player or current Leon student was implicated in the incident during Friday night's football game. Nonetheless, the Leon County School District, in collaboration with the police department, has formulated a fresh approach for the upcoming game. This comprehensive plan encompasses stringent enforcement of existing backpack regulations, as well as the implementation of the following measures:

Collaborative Administrative Efforts: Both teams from Leon County Schools will designate two administrators each to closely cooperate with the school resource deputy during the event.

Local resident Pastor Greg James, while acknowledging these steps, remains cautious about the overall safety during Friday night games. Leon County stands firm on its rigorous policy concerning items allowed within the stadium premises, underscoring that safety remains paramount.

September 1st is the next game at Gene Cox stadium.