Consignment shops provide relief for shoppers, sellers amid inflation

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 22:30:37-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — For some in the Big Bend, consignment shops are one answer to rising inflation.

"We have a lot of people calling in - probably at least eight to 10 a day - calling in asking how we work. Probably open up about as many new accounts every week - so yeah, there has definitely been an uptick," Jane Davie, owner of Consignments By Jane said.

Davie has owned Consignments By Jane in Tallahassee since 1981.

She says the process for people to sell their items in her shop is easy.

"We go through the items and just take what we think will sell the best for people. We price them and when they sell they get paid the month after they sell," Davie said.

For Summer Henderson, it's been another way to make some money.

"It's a great opportunity to make a little bit of income. If you have something that you think someone else would want to use and I've definitely been able to do here," Henderson said.

And business is booming for our local consignment shops.

Terri Lynn Dulworth is the co-owner of J. Lynn's Boutique.

"It grows every day. We have over three thousand and it just continues to grow and grow and grow - and same with our shoppers - there are still people who are finding us," Dulworth said.

Both consignment shops split the profits with sellers 60-40.

"It's a 60-day consignment period on clothing. Consigners will get 40% of what they sell and after the 60 days when the consignment period is over, the items do belong to the store unless it is a high-end item and then we'll return it to them," Dulworth said.

And despite inflation, the prices at both shops have remained the same.

So whether you are consigning to make money.

"I think people are always trying to find ways to make extra money on the side during these times," Henderson said.

Or consignment shopping for yourself and your family as an answer to the rapidly rising prices for retail clothing.

During times of high inflation, it just might pay to check out your local consignment shop.

"You're not making a fortune, but sometimes even a few dollars sometimes in these inflationary times can be very helpful," Davie said.

Both consignment shops donate clothing that isn't sold to local non-profits and organizations in our area; including Good Shepard Catholic Church and Wildwood Church among others.