City of Quincy Officials talk about curbing violence after recent homicides

Posted at 7:13 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 19:13:26-04

GADSDEN COUNTY, FLa. (WTXL) — Law enforcement and city officials came together to talk about the recent homicides and the programs they're looking to implement to keep Quincy safe.

The city of Quincy is dealing with two shootings, one week apart.

On August 21, 20-year-old Quadre Kirkland was found outside of his vehicle fatally shot. On Friday, someone in a car shot at 18-year-old Shanti Lewis' vehicle, hitting and killing her.

Chief of Quincy Police Timothy Ashley said they have persons of interest in both cases and they're both active and ongoing investigations.

During the press conference Monday, City Manager Robert Nixon said he is angry about the recent events and has a warning for the community. "Those of you that are participating in these crimes, we will not tolerate it. You will be caught and you will be convicted," said Nixon.

Chief Ashley adds despite these recent events, he's ensuring the city is still safe. "We are committed to doing everything within our power to keep a safer Quincy," said Ashley.

Mayor Keith Dowdell is also saddened to hear about the two homicides. "That shouldn't happen in the small town of Quincy, so you know, it's time for us to go to work," said Dowdell.

City officials and Quincy Police are now working to implement programs to curb violence in the community. Nixon says they already have a few ideas. "Counseling and education, we'll look at gun buy back programs, but we'll also look at really enforcing the law and what we're focusing now on is making sure that we can connect some of the youth activities and have the parents be involved," said Nixon.

Although the city has talked about implementing these programs before, Nixon said the recent events have intensified the need for them to come sooner rather than later. "To ensure that we have a safe community for our young people, for our seniors and of course for all of those in between," said Nixon.

Nixon adds the city is working to identify resources and community partners to get these programs up and running.