ACLU drops challenge to Kansas abortion law

Abortion Decision
Posted at 5:08 PM, Jan 18, 2013
and last updated 2014-06-18 11:50:30-04

WICHITA, Kan. (AP)-- The American Civil Liberties Union has dropped its legal challenge to a Kansas law restricting private health insurance coverage for abortions.

A court filing Friday shows the parties have agreed to dismiss all remaining claims.

The agreement follows a federal judge's Jan. 7 ruling that the ACLU failed to prove that the Legislature's chief goal in passing the 2011 law was to impede access to abortions.

The Kansas law prohibits private insurance companies from offering coverage for abortions in their general plans except for when a woman's life is in danger. Kansas residents or employers who want abortion coverage must buy supplemental policies, known as riders.

The case had been scheduled for trial in March. Under the agreement, each side would bear its own costs and attorneys' fees.