City of Thomasville issues conditions to reinstate American Legion's liquor license -- find out what they are

City of Thomasville suspended American Legion Post 519's liquor license for 6 months.
Posted at 7:38 PM, Nov 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-16 19:38:53-05
  • The City of Thomasville says if the American Legion can complete the list of conditions before the 6 month mark they will look into reinstating their liquor license.
  • The American Legion doesn't believe they are currently capable of fulfilling all of the conditions.
  • Check out the video above to hear what else Legion members has to say about the city's decision.


The City of Thomasville has outlined a list of requirements that must be met to reinstate the American Legion Post 519 liquor license.

"The Council finds that the American Legion located on 312 Hopkins Street is a trouble spot and public nuisance," said City Council.

Council agreed Tuesday to suspend the post's license for 6 months.

This comes after last month's meeting where the Thomasville Police Department brought what they called complaints from neighbors to the council.

TPD says that have received a total of 57 calls surrounding The Legion this year.

"I call in question those in favor say I. 'I.' And opposed…it's 4-0 one suspension," said City Council.

The Legion argues that since that meeting they've hired security, implemented wristbands, and installed a chain fence to avoid negative incidents from happening on their property.

They say anything negative that happens in the area is tied back to The Legion despite not being involved.

Now the city is asking for another layer of safety measures with a list of requirements.

One of the requirements The Legion took issue with certain points like providing a written statement of commitment of security to the immediate neighborhood.

"That's not within our capabilities. We don't have justice after a patron step into the roadway," said Steven Reynolds, Second District Commander, American Legion Post 519.

The city says if all requirements are met before the 6-month mark they will look into reinstating the liquor license sooner.

"You have an opportunity to rectify some of the things that have been addressed over a course of time," said City Council.

Legion members tell me they are not giving up.

"I want the public to know that we're not here to be a sore eye for this community. We're here to help our community," said Reynolds.

The city has requested that The Legion submits proof of good works, that could be affected by the suspension, to be submitted by December 13th.