Our Town: Wakulla Springs

Wakulla Springs
Posted at 8:52 PM, Dec 10, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- Whether you hit Shell Point Beach for a relaxing day with your family, or take a bike ride along the St. Marks trail, Wakulla County is a slice of heaven for anyone who wants to play outdoors.

People in the community cherish all the beauty Wakulla Springs State Park has to offer so come along with me for a boat ride and see for yourself.

Wakulla Springs State Park is a taste of the real Florida to Park Manager Peter Scalco.

Peter Scalco "It's undeveloped natural land. It's a repository of wildlife flowers trees clean air freshwater it's a historic site a cultural site we have swimming hiking the boat tours we have recreational diving."

Park officials say the crystal clear springs attracts folks from all over the world. they say the park is a bird watcher's paradise. Scalco says if you've ever dreamed of getting close to a manatee there's a good chance you'll see them here in the winter time.

Peter Scalco "The manatees have found us as refuge. The steady water temperature and the aquatic vegetation provide the food pretty much guarantees that you'll see a manatee when you come out."

One family members tells us they saw about 20 manatees during their visit.

Alden Sandvig, "it's kind of like grey... and tail like a spoon and head kind of like a Walrus."

Alden's little brother Caleb says he loved seeing the alligators.

Caleb Sandvig, "the alligators were laying their eggs."

Aside from all the wildlife sightings at the park, some behind the scenes projects are underway. Scalco says with the help of the friends of wakulla springs, a non profit support group, they're converting all the boats to run on electric motors and solar power.

Peter Scalco, "we're cutting down on pollution and folks that ride the boats really enjoy it because you get to hear the river. You get to hear the water passing by the birds the animals and just actually hear the wind pass through."

Peter Scalco says Wakulla Springs has something for everyone. Visitors like the Sandvig's say it's a trip they'll never forget.

You can come out to Wakulla Springs State Park all 365 days of the year.