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Troubled teens mentorship group in need of a new building

After twenty years of mentoring troubled teens group leader in search of new building for mentorship check-ins.
Posted at 8:05 PM, Dec 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-28 20:05:51-05
  • Long standing mentorship group in search of a building to hold weekly meetings.
  • For almost twenty years the Laymen Brotherhood second chance outreach center, INC has helped troubled youth in need of a second chance.
  • Watch the story to find out how organizations like this are providing young men with a positive outlet. 


The number of homicides has reportedly decreased yet local leaders say to keep it that way our youth are in need of a positive outlet.

Talking to a man that says he turned his life around thanks to the right guidance.

'I used to be doing a lot of stuff so it's like he saved me. So I had to go,”said Marquevius Osborne, a former mentee.

Osborne, is a former mentee in the Laymen Brotherhood second chance outreach center.

Osborne is 32 years-old now but joined the mentorship program when he was 15.

He explains how pastor Adren Bivins spoke up for him during his younger days.

"After I go to court and do whatever I have to do it's going to be stipulations [like] he stays out of trouble and stays up here with me and we'll be good,” said Osborne.

He is talking about how pastor Bivins spoke up for him when he once led a life of petty crimes like shoplifting.

The mentorship group leader has worked to form partnerships with local law enforcement, the district attorney's office and other state officials to speak up for a population of young men in need of a second chance.

The pastor speaks up for those within the mentorship program in many ways whether it's by writing letters to the Georgia State Board of pardons and paroles or asking a judge to reduce a sentence under special conditions.

Pastor Bivins group meets regularly for check-in's to make sure members stay out of trouble by guiding them on a pathway to a productive life free of crime.

"I get the young men to try to turn their life around before it's too late,” according to Pastor Adren Bivins.

Bivins tells me the organization offers mentorship to young boys from the age of seven until they're 25-years-old.

Bivins said he works to make sure valuable lessons are learned.

"I don't want them to just throw the case out. If the case is thrown out they will not learn a lesson,” said Bivins. “They will just do the same thing again or worse."

Past mentees have gone on to earn college degrees, play professional sports or join the military.

Osborne currently works as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.

"Ain't no telling… Ain't no telling. Just being real,” said Osborne.

Bivins said the group is searching for a building to hold group meetings for mentorship.

He hopes to convert his garage into a safe space for troubled youth in need of sleep as well as purchase a new vehicle to transport mentees to fellowship events through the help of grant funding.

Find out more about the organization or donate here.