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Big change on the way: Bainbridge city council approves city improvement plan

Multi-million dollar plan aims to increase visitation to the city while serving residents in the process.
Posted at 7:05 PM, Jan 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-19 19:05:38-05
  • Improvements to educational programs, financial incentives to property owners and the redevelopment of public housing are among listed upgrades.
  • City council approved improvement plan back in December 2023.
  • Watch the story to learn what east Bainbridge neighbor think of incoming approvements


Big plans to revitalize eastern Bainbridge.

Unpacking what changes on the way and who stands to benefit.

"I was born and raised here. I really want to see this town be revitalized and have its full potential shown,” said Scott Brinson, owner of APEX South Inspection.

He’s a native and local business owner.

We met up on Shotwell Street to talk about a multi-million dollar improvement plan approved by the city council.

"Improving on the infrastructure, sidewalks, roadways, it is going to be more inviting for visitors, business owners… Maybe future residents,” said Brinson.

He's talking about the action plan section of the more than fifty page improvement plan report released by the city.

Infrastructural upgrades include sidewalk expansions, evaluating drainage system, renovations to Bainbridge mall, and redeveloping roadways.

Brinson points out improvements should go beyond enticing visitation.

"Help us as a community and not necessarily visitors traveling through,” said Brinson.

Willie James Jenkins is another neighbor I met on MLK. When I asked him about the state of roads and sidewalks with the community he's called home for the past 35 years he tells me—-

"Look at this side walk right here… how it's cracking up… They're supposed to replace this sidewalk,” according to Bainbridge resident Willie James Jenkins.

Jenkins points out how expanding accessibility will promote safer pedestrian travel for east Bainbridge neighbors.

"Some of these sidewalks you just have the side walk up like this [demonstrates]. If you're riding a bicycle and you hit [flawed sidewalk] automatically you're going to get flipped off,” said Jenkins.

Improvements to educational programs, financial incentives to property owners and the redevelopment of public housing are also listed when it comes to making the city a better place to live.

Brinson says he's all for change as long as residents stand to grow at the same pace as the city they live in.

"I want to be able to see our money go towards revitalizing and establishing the citizens in the community that's currently here,” Brinson.

Keep in mind this is ultimately a long term plan that will be implemented over the course of five to ten years.

This means the city is planning based on long term and short term timeframes.

Review city improvement plan here.