Tallahassee, FL (WTXL) -- Despite a national championship, this may not be the hottest year for the Seminole Athletics Department.

Several current and former Florida State athletes, or those who were about to become an FSU athlete, have been making headlines for illegal activities.

The charges include sexual assault, burglary with battery and grand theft. Below is a list of some of the arrests and citations.

1) June 9th, 2013: Gregory Dent, a Florida State football player, was charged with sexual assault according to an arrest report.

2) January 21st, 2014: Cinmeon Bowers, a recent basketball recruit, was charged with tampering of evidence after allegedly eating marijuana in a routine traffic stop.

3) March 7th, 2014: Ira Denson, a football players, was related to a attempted homicide according to court documents.

4) March 19th, 2014: Ira Denson was arrested for two felonies. The charges were for illegal credit card use and petty theft.

5) April 1st, 2014: Greg Reid, a former FSU football player, was arrested for probation violation. According to the Valdosta Police Department, Reid had an active warrant out for his arrest when he was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

6) April 3rd, 2014: Ira Denson is arrested for a third felony charge. Denson was charge with accessory after the fact to the homicide listed above.

7) April 14th, 2014: James Wilder, a former football player, was booked for an outstanding warrant from knowingly driving with a suspended license.

8) April 21st, 2014: Briana Hamilton, a Seminole softball player, was charged for burglary with assault or battery according to Tallahassee Police.

9) April 29th, 2014: Jameis Winston, Heisman winning football player, was infamously caught stealing crab legs. Leon County Sheriff's Office said Winston shoplifted $33.72 of seafood.

10) July 7th, 2014: Jesus Wilson, another FSU football player, was arrested for grand theft. Police say they found Wilson driving a stolen scooter that was heavily damaged.

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Why do you have the same player, who had already been kicked off the team, listed here three times? Possibly to make the list look longer? And Greg Reid hadn't been on the team for 2+ years. Wilder was no longer a member of the team as he declared for the draft. Your headline reads "Florida State Athletes..." not "Former and Current Florida State Athletes..." Half this list is made up of players that were no longer attending Florida State when they were arrested. Ah, "journalism" in America.


It seems to be as fair to me as when they are on TV in the NFL doing the player introductions and these guys claim their universities, 'Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M' when they barely went to class and certainly didn't graduate. If you drop out, you should claim your high school. You don't get to call yourself a US President unless you win the election, you can't just call yourself that because you were once a candidate. So if they proclaim their universities despite being dropouts, why not proclaim their football program despite being dropout or kicked out.

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