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Where to find Knott's Berry Farm jelly after Smucker's discontinued it

You might notice Knott's Berry Farm jams and jellies aren't on store shelves anymore. But there is a way you can still find them.
Where to find Knott's Berry Farm jelly after Smucker's discontinued it
Posted at 1:31 PM, Jan 26, 2024

It might be more difficult for fans of Knott's Berry Farm jams and jellies to find their beloved products. 

That's because J.M. Smucker Company has quietly discontinued the brand 16 years after acquiring it. In addition to no longer being available on Smucker's website, it is also unavailable on many grocery store sites, such as Kroger. 

When Smucker's acquired Knott's jams and jellies in 2008, the company said it expected to raise about $40 million a year ($56.6 million when adjusted for inflation). According to an archived Reuters report, the Knott family sold off its food brand in 1995 to ConAgra Foods. ConAgra then sold it to Smucker's in 2008. 

"The decision to discontinue our Knott’s Berry Farm products is in alignment with our strategy to continuously evaluate our portfolio and ensure we are dedicating resources to the areas with the greatest growth potential. We appreciate the fans of the brand and look forward to continuing to serve them through our other offerings," Smucker's said in a statement.

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However, fans of Knott's Berry Farm products might not be completely out of luck. Knott's California Marketplace will continue to sell jams and preserves produced by the farm. 

These jams and jellies can also be shipped through the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace website.

The jams and jellies have been in production since 1920.  

"Our preserves are made in the home-style tradition — cooked in small batches and with fresh fruits cooked quickly to capture their smooth, sweet flavor," Knott's Berry Farm said. 

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