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Wednesday morning Tropics check (08/23/2017)

"Invest 92L" computer models (08/23/2017)
Harvey computer models (08/23/2017)
Wednesday morning Tropics check (08/23/2017)
Wednesday morning Tropics check (08/23/2017)
Posted at 4:05 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 02:54:31-04

MIDWAY, Fl. (WTXL) -- Two tropical waves are being followed closely by the National Hurricane Center: One associated with the remnant of Tropical Storm Harvey, and another associated with the previous "Invest 92L".

Harvey's remnant is continuing to organize and the system has a 100% chance of organizing into a tropical cyclone. So the Gulf of Mexico will be seeing Tropical Storm Harvey once again, very soon. The system is poised to bring a heavy rain threat to southeastern parts of Texas. Regardless of development, this will continue to be the primary threat with Harvey. In addition, models show that the storm doesn't have much influence to move quickly. This DOES NOT bode well for Texas as a slow moving tropical cyclone could provide for life-threatening flooding if the forecast verifies. Some models indicate well over a foot of rain can fall in Mexico/ Texas/Louisiana that could result from this storm.This system is not a threat to the Big Bend and South Georgia in the near-term. That being said, once Harvey moves away from Texas, it is expected to help increase our rain coverage as it tracks across the southeastern U.S. as a much weaker system. Check back in daily for updates on the developing situation.

In addition, the tricky tropical wave, formerly known as "Invest 92L" continues to bring a rainy pattern to the Florida peninsula. Due to the system being a broad wave of low pressure, models have struggled with this system. The general thought of models is to keep this away from our local area. The wave is forecast to cross the peninsula and develop the storm east of the U.S. Recent model runs want to keep the wave in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for a few days. Regardless, the main threat with this storm looks to be heavy rains for the peninsula. If this system becomes a larger threat to the Big Bend and South Georgia, updates will be provided here and on air on WTXL.

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