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VIDEO: National Weather Service says EF-2 tornado damaged Marianna area

Peak winds were estimated at 125 mph
Posted at 11:09 AM, Jan 11, 2024

MARIANNA, Fla. (WTXL) — The National Weather Service has released a preliminary report about the tornado that touched down near Marianna Tuesday morning. The NWS says the tornado maxed out at EF-2 intensity with estimated winds of 125 mph. Seven people were hurt when the twister tore through an RV park on Rooks Drive. The storm traveled more than 16 miles and reached at maximum width of 600 yards. More details can be found in the NWS report below.


The tornado began in an open field that paralleled Highway 73 in central Jackson county.

The tornado continued to the northeast before crossing Pandora Road where it uprooted a couple large pine trees, one of which fell on an older single wide trailer,
which was completely destroyed.

Another slightly newer single wide trailer had half of its roof peel back and blown into the woods behind it to the northeast. The tornado continued to the northeast where it crossed Magnolia Road. Several trees were uprooted and snapped along the road.

A brand new manufactured home had half of its roof blown off. A trailer park along Mark Lane had several large trees snapped or uprooted, and a few roofs were peeled back on some of the single wide homes in the subdivision.

The tornado then went on to cross I-10 where an 18 wheeler was knocked over. After crossing I-10, the tornado paralleled Spring Creek road where it snapped and uprooted several large hardwood trees as well as peeled back part of the roof of a shed.

The tornado continued to the northeast where it crossed U.S. Highway 90 where a majority of the damage and seven injuries occurred in an RV Park and neighborhood.

Several mobile homes where significantly damaged or flipped upside down while being displaced several hundred feet. Several large pine trees where snapped at the base as well. In the subdivision just to the northeast of the RV Park on Rooks Drive, two residential family homes had their roofs completely blown off.

A church just across the street from the homes off Merritts Mill road had a cinder block outbuilding collapse. The church building sustained some damage to the gable. The tornado continued to the northeast where several homes off of Janette Drive had partial roof damage as well as sporadic tree damage.

The tornado continued to the northeast again through a wooded area before moving through Blue Spring subdivision where extensive damage was observed to the roofs and siding of a majority of the homes.

Two homes off of Spring Chase Lane had their roofs blown off along with several large mature hardwoods being snapped at their base. The tornado reached its maximum and intensity and width through this stretch just beyond U.S. Highway 90.

The maximum width is estimated to be around 600 yards. From the Blue Springs Road subdivision, the tornado continued to the northeast parallel to Blue Springs Road where it snapped and uprooted several trees.

The tornado continued along Blue Springs road where it damaged the roofs of several single wide manufactured homes. The tornado continued to the northeast where it collapsed the roof of another church outbuilding along Polar Springs road while also uprooting and snapping several trees on the church property.

The tornado crossed Fort road to the northeast of the church where several trees were snapped and uprooted before continuing through a wooded area.

The tornado crossed Wintergreen road where a few trees were uprooted along the road, before it dissipated over the field to the northeast of the road.