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Thursday morning First to Know Tropics Check (11/3/22)

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Posted at 3:28 AM, Nov 03, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Despite it being the first week of November, hurricane season is in full swing with four disturbances currently out in the Atlantic Ocean. First, Tropical Storm Lisa is now moving west at 12 miles per hour over land and is located over northeastern Guatemala. Lisa is forecast to weaken throughout Thursday as it interacts with land, but heavy rainfall and wind can still be felt across Belize, northern Guatemala, and the southern Yucatan Peninsula over the next day or so.

Second, Hurricane Martin continues to move northeast at 39 miles per hour in the open northern Atlantic Ocean. It will pose no major threat to any landmasses as it heads towards Europe this weekend.

Third, a non-tropical area of low pressure in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean has a low chance for development over the next five days. It is expected to drift west and become absorbed by a larger system early next week.

Last but certainly not least is a broad area of interest located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea/southwestern Atlantic Ocean. Development of this non-tropical area is set to occur this weekend as it moves northward or northwestward early next week.