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Storm Team Wednesday morning forecast (1/09/2013)

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Posted at 7:30 AM, Jan 09, 2013
and last updated 2019-05-22 18:08:04-04

We’re stuck in a feeling of spring for the next several days. I could stop the forecast discussion there, but you came here for more details. Dew points, a measure of moisture in the air, have risen over the last 48 hours giving the air that muggy feel. That’s happening at the surface where we live, but we have to think of the atmosphere in three dimensions. A ridge or “dome” of high pressure will continue to strengthen in the upper levels of the atmosphere, centering itself just east of here. This is the type of set up we typically find in April or May; as a result we’ll have that type of weather through at least the end of next week. High pressure promotes sinking, warming air leading to only a small chance for a shower or two. Meanwhile, highs through next Tuesday will be pretty close to 80°. The most eye popping aspect of this forecast is that overnight lows won’t be much cooler than our average high temperatures! In early to mid-January our highs are typically near 63°; forecast lows are between 58° and 63°. Get ready to sweat with not many relief showers. Oh, and for those scoring at home, records this time of year are between 81° and 82°, we’ll be just shy of those. If you’re a humidity hater, don’t worry, there are signs of a big cool down, but it doesn’t happen until later next week.

Be safe and have a great Wednesday!

-Meteorologist Sean Parker