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Storm Team Tuesday evening forecast (12/18/2012)

Posted at 2:21 PM, Dec 18, 2012

A high-pressure system is swiftly moving overhead today, allowing a clear sky and ample warming.  As the high's center drifts on top of the region tonight, we'll lose any significant wind flow, and we'll also quickly lose the warmth as it radiates back into outer space.  This set-up will cause temperatures to fall rapidly after sunset, and by dawn Wednesday, lows will likely be in the 30s away from the coast.  There is a chance for patchy frost, but widespread freezing temps are not likely tonight.  The temperature rebound will boost highs into the middle 70s.  As winds become more southerly through late tomorrow and Thursday, moisture and cloudiness will begin to increase.  An approaching frontal boundary Thursday will initiate rain and storms, with a chance for some stronger storms later Thursday.  Check in with the Storm Team for further updates on this feature.