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Storm Team Monday Afternoon Forecast (12/10/2012)

Posted at 3:23 PM, Dec 10, 2012


Cold front is approaching from the west increasing our rain chances to 40% by the overnight period. I am anticipating light to moderate wide spread shower activity with a slight chance for isolated thunderstorms through 8PM tonight. After 8PM, temperatures will be too low to support forced lifting allowing for thunderstorms to develop. Temps will be yet again warmer than average for the overnight period due to cloud cover. Upper 50s is what we will wake up to along with a 30% chance for more rain fall. This front will take its time over the Big Bend; lasting into Wednesday morning so we will continue with the 30%/40% rain chance trend into Wednesday. Temperatures will begin to drop to seasonable levels by Wednesday where I am predicting high to only reach the low 60s. The reason for this lack of heat is due to an area of high pressure filtering in an arctic air mass from the north. These temps however will begin once again to rebound back to the low 70s by the weekend with yet another front predicted to pass through the Panhandle. Rain chances for the weekend will range between 20% and 30%. Cold mornings in the upper 30s and low 40s will appear Thursday and Friday morning so due take care of any outdoor pets or potted plants.