Severe Weather 2015: Tune in and take care

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Posted at 9:24 AM, Jun 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-02 09:24:00-04


Severe thunderstorms … tropical systems … hard freezes … sweltering heat waves … constant deluges. Rarely do we experience the extremes of nature, but we get enough variety to make seasonal weather patterns varied and challenging.

The Florida/Georgia state line region is nestled in a unique zone. We're far enough south to encounter the subtropical, humid climate that gives us regular heat in summertime. We're close enough to the Gulf of Mexico to remain susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes. We get the natural flow of the afternoon seabreeze to provide almost daily shower and thunderstorm activity. But, a shift in the wind or a buildup of strong high pressure can lead to scorching temperatures that can rival an average day in a desert.

On the flip side, we're just far enough north to frequently feel the effects of continental and polar cold fronts in the wintertime. Nighttime freezes are common, and long sleeves can be needed in the full sunshine of the afternoon.

Intense storms are often thrown into the mix, with wind gusts and occasional tornado threats particularly in the spring and fall. A seemingly average summer afternoon thunderstorm can grow into a monstrous rainmaker before disappearing in the matter of an hour. And, on rare occasion, moisture and cold air combine to cause a wintry precipitation chance that can be enough to temporarily paralyze the typical flow of life in the area.

There are many reasons why people in our area should be storm-aware and storm-wise in all four seasons. Severe weather isn't just confined to the strongest of thunderstorms; any disruptive weather feature that threatens life and property can create unwanted impacts. It's vital to be educated and prepared for nature's rage.

We have created this guide with the goal of it being a comprehensive resource for you to acces anytime, anywhere, any time of the year. The WTXL ABC 27 Storm Team is dedicated to keeping you informed with our multimedia platforms: on-air during main newscasts and our 24-hour Weather NOW programming on channel 27.3, online at and our social media outlets, and on the go with our free, locally focused WTXL Weather NOW Interactive weather app.

Be assured that the Storm Team will continue to be your reliable, trusted source for straightforward, local weather information around the clock and year-round.