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Saturday Evening Tropics Check (08/24/2013)

Western Caribbean disturbance satellite image (11/05/2015)
Posted at 4:32 PM, Aug 24, 2013
and last updated 2014-05-02 08:24:05-04

The tropics overall remain rather quiet for the next few days as a lot of dry air remains prevalent in the Atlantic Ocean. This combined with wind shear will likely quench any potential for any system that tries to develop. On the flip side, the Gulf of Mexico actually has awakened slightly. For instance, there is a system to the west of the Tallahassee region, near the coast of Mississippi. This low pressure system has a 10 percent chance of development, but nonetheless it will bring a lot of moisture to Louisiana and Texas over the weekend. The more impressive system in the Gulf of Mexico is actually located along the Yucatan Peninsula. This system is trying to organize itself, but only has a 30 percent chance of development. This disturbance looks to move northwest in the coming days and should not affect the Big Bend region in any way. In any case though, if anything should change or develop in the tropics, the ABC Storm Team will have your latest updates.