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Friday evening Tropics check (08/23/2019)

Multiple areas being watched for development
Posted: 5:53 PM, Jun 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-23 23:01:23-04
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hurricane forecast (caution sign)

MIDWAY, Fla. (WTXL) — As the end of August nears and September follows, there's a trend of heightened frequency of tropical cyclone activity in the basin's waters. Corresponding to this historical trend, there are a few disturbances in the tropics over the weekend that we are watching for potential development:

  • Chantal remains a Tropical Depression in the open Atlantic with max winds of 25mph. This storm will remain out in the open waters posing no threat to land, likely dissipating into a remnant low within the weekend time frame.
  • There is high confidence that a tropical wave off the southeast coast of Florida (labeled "98L") will strengthen into a tropical depression sometime between now and early next week. A weak area of low pressure has developed near the southern tip of Florida, and the center of this system will move over land tonight and Saturday which should hinder development . Environmental conditions will be more conducive for tropical development once this system makes it back over water, providing weak shear and warm ocean waters. A tropical depression is likely to form in the red hatched area this weekend or early next week as the system moves offshore of the southeast US coast. Regardless of development, local impacts will remain limited as this storm moves off into the Atlantic. Increasing tropical moisture will help enhance our local rain coverage beginning Sunday into next week.
  • Another area the National Hurricane Center is watching is still out in the central Atlantic. Identified late Friday as "99L," this tropical wave is being given a high development chance this weekend, with conditions supporting the formation of a tropical depression. Slow development is possible as this system continues to trek west towards the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. It is still quite a long distance from the U.S. mainland, affording ample time to track and forecast.

As always, the First Alert Weather Team will continue to watch and provide updates on the tropics all during hurricane season.

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