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Storm Team Friday evening forecast (02/22/2013)

Posted at 3:46 PM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 15:46:00-05

Steady rain is occurring over a large chunk of the viewing region.  While intense thunderstorms are limited to non-existent, these areas of rain have produced rain totals of over two inches in some cases.  This current batch of rain action will diminish as the evening progresses and will likely be lighter by midnight.  This is not the end of the rain event that can still trigger flooding concerns for the next several days.  The meandering front will shift northward, then back to the southeast late tomorrow by a wave of low pressure.  Showers and some storms will likely be regenerated by tomorrow morning and swinging southeastward throughout the afternoon.  An additional two inches are possible before a temporary break in the rain chances comes Sunday morning.  More heavy rain and perhaps a stronger storm or two will be possible Sunday afternoon through most of Monday.  Temperatures tonight will be stable in the 60s, then climb into the 70s Saturday, highly dependent on any brief breaks of sun that may occur.