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Monday evening Tropics check (08/26/2013)

Western Caribbean disturbance satellite image (11/05/2015)
Posted at 3:26 PM, Aug 26, 2013
and last updated 2014-05-02 08:24:05-04

The former Tropical Storm Fernand moved inland over the Mexico Gulf Coast near Veracruz early Monday morning.  The storm will lose its tropical features, but will continue to create a flooding threat with heavy rain over central Mexico.

Elsewhere in the tropical Atlantic basin, there are a few waves of general disturbed conditions a few hundred miles east of the Lesser Antilles.  This chain of tropical waves show limited near-term ability for significant strengthening.

The eastern Atlantic also, for the time being, is quite quiet, with patches of dry air still keeping action suppressed.

There should be no developing tropical depressions or storms over the next couple of days.