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PREPARE NOW: How to avoid the dangers of generator use when your power goes out

Generators set off harmful exhaust fumes
Posted at 7:12 PM, May 31, 2024
  • Generators can keep the lights on during and after a hurricane.
  • If you don't use them correctly, they could put you in danger.
  • Watch the video above to see how you can stay safe while keeping the power on.


Generators can keep the lights on during and after a hurricane, but if you don't use them correctly, they could put you in danger. I’m Ashley Engle in the Havana neighborhood.

I checked out a business that at first glance, you might not think needs a generator, but you'll soon understand why they and you certainly do. And how to use a generator safely

"Every hurricane season it's a serious matter for us." It’s a season that Aaron Hall from Faith Funeral Home in Havana says, they don't take lightly. "We are entrusted with people's family members."

Hall says having generators on property for a funeral business is crucial.

"We have refrigeration on property."

Generators are a huge tool when it comes to hurricane season, but it's a tool that can be dangerous if not used properly.

"A big don't and a lot of people do this from time to time is people will set their generators inside." Midway Fire Chief Nathan Yarusso says generators set off harmful exhaust fumes.

If you're running yours indoors, your health could be at risk. Even if you have it outside, it needs to be safe distance from your home.

"Fumes can come through your window or your doorway," Yarusso said.

There are things you can do right now to prepare your generators for hurricane season.

Check your generators if you already have one

See if it turns on with no problems

Let your generator run for a while to see if it does not have any kinks

Make sure there's enough gas inside of it

Run it in a safe area outside, at least 30 feet away from your home

"Well, it’s absolutely great to be prepared and have a generator cause the odds of getting some sort of power loss during a major or even a minor storm is pretty great," Yarusso added.

These are precautions that neighbors like faith funeral are taking to be safe rather than sorry before it’s too late.

"We treat every storm like a category five," Hall concluded.

Chief Yarusso says if you do not have a generator, now is the time to get one and to check your current one if you have one already.