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This top-rated turkey fryer is on sale on Amazon

This top-rated turkey fryer is on sale on Amazon
Posted at 10:30 AM, Nov 09, 2022

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Anyone who has eaten a Thanksgiving bird prepared in a turkey fryer will likely tell you it was juicy, flavorful and unlike any oven-roasted turkey they have had. However, safety is essential when deep-frying a turkey, and that begins with having the proper equipment.

If you hope to fry some poultry this holiday season, you’re in luck, because a top-rated turkey fryer is on sale right now. You can also grab some accessories to keep yourself safe and make frying your Turkey Day bird even easier.

CreoleFeast Propane 30 Quart Turkey Fryer ($129.99)


More than just a deep pot for frying, this turkey fryer set includes both a 10-quart and a 30-quart pot, lid, steamer basket, thermometer, turkey rack, lifting hook, marinade injector, burner stand, liquid petroleum gas hose and regulator.

You can use the basket to deep fry, steam or boil everything from turkey and seafood to stews and jambalaya. The 50,000 BTU cast-iron burner provides the power necessary to fry a heavy turkey.

The set has a durable, welded steel stand to prevent tipping. The instant-read thermometer has a long probe to check the oil temperature, and the lifting handle and heat-resistant pot handles offer additional safety.

This turkey fryer, on sale for $129.99, has more than 1,400 ratings on Amazon and 4.7 stars. Customers who reviewed the set say it is easy to clean, well made and a great value.

“It was so easy to set up,” wrote a reviewer who shared a photo of their fried turkey. “The turkey was great and it didn’t take long to cook. I looked around and this was the best price with the best accessories.”


Some reviewers commented that the pots are made of thin steel. As a result, many recommend being careful not to damage or puncture them.

Rapicca BBQ Gloves ($34.19)


When working around hot food and grease, using protective gear is advisable. These gloves are made with food-grade neoprene designed to resist water, fire, oil and stains.

The gloves have insulated, textured palms and non-slip fingers, as well as a soft, double-layer cotton liner for comfort and added insulation from heat.

You can currently grab a pair for 55% off at $35.99, but an additional 5% off coupon brings them down to $34.19. These barbecue gloves have more than 13,500 ratings with 4.6 stars overall. In addition, they’re available in several sizes and lengths.

King Kooker Cooking Oil Funnel ($18.86)


After the meal has been enjoyed and it’s time to clean out the turkey fryer, you’ll be glad to have this plastic funnel.

This heavy-duty, 8-inch funnel includes an attached reusable stainless steel mesh filter to remove food particles from the oil. Customers who reviewed the funnel say this saves money, as you can reuse the oil for fish fries and other meals.

This cooking oil funnel, $18.86, has more than 1,400 ratings and 4.7 stars.

Once you have everything you need to fry your turkey, there’s only one thing left to do: Send us an invite, of course!

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