Woman steals package from porch; it was full of live worms

Woman steals package from porch; it was full of live worms
Posted at 11:40 AM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 07:00:51-05

APOPKA, FL (WFTV/CNN) - Police in Florida are on the lookout for a woman caught on camera swiping a package from someone’s porch before throwing it out when she opened a can - or box - of worms.

The box of worms eventually made it back to the woman who ordered it.

The suspect covered the box, then carried it away from Shelly Draves' porch before hopping in a waiting minivan.

"You can tell in the video she came up with the blue bag or a tarp or something,” Draves explained. “Just kind of tossed it right over the bag so she obviously didn't even look. She was just looking for packages."

Even so, why would a box of worms be sitting on a porch? Well, they were supposed to be Thanksgiving dinner for a bearded dragon.

Residents in the Apopka neighborhood where the theft happened are on alert now and a number of them have video doorbells themselves.

“You keep hearing of all these people that are having packages stolen and we'd had packages in the past that had disappeared and we weren't sure if they got lost at the post office or someone took them," said Trish Luddy, who lives around the corner from where this video was captured.

She wishes there was a video of the thief's face when she realized the loot was squirming.

Police believe the woman dumped the box in a trash can after she realized it was filled with live worms. They say the woman could face felony charges.

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