Woman rescued after roof collapses from heavy snow

Posted at 8:17 AM, Mar 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-17 08:17:24-04

ARNOLD, CA (KTXL/CNN) - A California woman is thankful to be warm and healthy after she was almost crushed by her roof.

The roof of Estrella Gonzales’ home gave way under the weight of heavy snow and came crashing down right on top of her.

"I came down to check on my wife because she's on oxygen and all I hear is, 'Charlie, Charlie, help me, I'm stuck,' said Charlie Gonzales. “I come in here and four of the sections on the roof up here have caved in with all the weight of the snow."

One loud crack and Estrella Gonzales who was tucked in bed knew it.

That is when the snow-covered roof collapsed suddenly trapping Gonzales in a blanket of snow.

"No, no,” said Gonzales, who is on oxygen battling lung disease. “I'm claustrophobic. Don't tell me that this is the way that I am going to die."

Gonzales is her husband’s treasure, the two having been married for almost fifty years.

Charlie Gonzales was upstairs for an entire hour before he heard her screams and called for the rescue team.

"We had some great boots on the ground," said Ebbetts Pass Fire District Chief Mike Johnson.

The fire crew witnessed a bit of a miracle.

They said Estrella was lucky because the roof was propped up on the side rail of her bed.

"One of the firefighters got underneath there with me," she said.

The fire fighter stayed there with her until she was finally freed.

The couple is thankful that she wasn't seriously injured.

The forecast in Arnold, California calls for snow to continue falling until Sunday.

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