Woman rescued after falling off ramp, on to train tracks

Posted at 1:15 AM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 01:15:23-04

BOSTON, MA (WCVB/CNN) - A woman fell onto the subway tracks with a train quickly approaching at Boston’s South Station Wednesday.

It was a scary moment that happened during rush hour.

She fell on the tracks from the crowded platform for the red line.

Katie Mulcahy, a witness at the scene, was on her way home.

She said fortunately, the woman did not fall on the electrified third rail.

Other passengers jumped off the platform to try to help, with signs indicating the next train was only a minute away.

“I was genuinely worried that they weren't going to get her off the track or stop the train,” Mulcahy said.

Some passengers pulled the alarm, while others waved into the tunnel at the approaching train.

With seconds to spare, the good samaritans pulled the woman back up onto the platform.

“It was very impressive seeing everyone jump into action that way. But it was not something I want to see again, at all,” Mulcahy said.

A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesman said that service was only delayed for about three minutes.

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